The Spiritual Design: Channeled Teachings, Wave 1

The Spiritual Design: Channeled Teachings, Wave 1

Author: Christine Kromm Henrie

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 336

ISBN: 9780998987019

Publisher: Access Soul Knowledge, LLC

Release Date: June 21, 2017

Description du Livre

If you were given a map to the art of living, would you follow it?

This book is a compilation of teachings given to us by a group of spiritual beings, whose goal is to educate and awaken people to their place and purpose as co-creators both here on Earth, and in the spirit world when this life is over. They have provided an entire framework for how the spirit world is organized and how it functions, revealing a magnificence only glimpsed in near-death experiences or between-lives hypnotic regressions. From these extraordinary dialogues, you will learn specifics about:

Why we, as souls, come to Earth What happens to the soul after we die The true meaning of karma and the principles of reincarnation The way thoughts and emotions manifest within our reality How all lifeforms are created by the spirits Who controls evolution, and how it occurs The structure and function of the spiritual dimensions These, and many other thought provoking topics are discussed in detail by our spirit team, who present a comprehensive spiritual design of the universe, and your place within it. The majority of the book is actual transcriptions of messages delivered through Christine, who is perhaps the most gifted trance channel of our modern times. The sessions were conducted by David, and are presented in a question and answer format. These very advanced spirits who communicate through her offer their remarkable knowledge in a way that is spiritually uplifting, conpassionately educational, and often humorous.

- 332 pages

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