Mossad: The Stories You Haven’t Heard Of Israel’s Most Effective Secret Service

Mossad: The Stories You Haven’t Heard Of Israel’s Most Effective Secret Service

Author: Peter Russo

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 37

Description du Livre

Israel, since its formation as a country, has been seen as a usurper of the land formerly owned by its neighbor, Palestine despite the fact that it was set up by the British Mandate and the UN. (Previously Turkey had owned Palestine. It had never been owned or ruled by Palestinians). An argument that will continue until one of the countries is either destroyed or disarmed. Palestine, being an Arab nation, has many allies in the surrounding areas, giving them a geographical, numerical and financial advantage. Be that as it may, the drive of Mossad is able to keep Israel’s head above water and their interests intact.

The agency has performed—or been a part of—some of the boldest and fearless operations ever executed. For example, after the Munich Massacre of their sportsmen by Palestinian terrorist organisation Black September, Israel wanted justice, or vengeance. To do so, the Mossad scoured the globe for those that were a part of the terrorist group Black September and is suspected of killing the murderers.

The Jewish religion has been combating anti-Semitism since the Egypt in the old testament—the Mossad is the result. It is their persistence that makes them such an effective fighting force in Israel’s arsenal.

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