Jane's Addiction: In the Studio

Jane's Addiction: In the Studio

Author: Jake Brown

Format: Paperback

Pages: 149

ISBN: 9780972614276

Language: English

Publisher: Music Square Media

Release Date: December 01, 2010

Description du Livre

Rolling Stone Magazine� (TM)s review of the Jane� (TM)s Addiction� (TM)s debut album, � ~Nothing� (TM)s Shocking, � (TM) hailed both the band and their ground-breaking musical epic as � oethe latest great hope of the Los Angeles club scene, a product of a city whose often overlooked hard-rock scene has long been every bit as successful and commercially productive as its more heralded punk and post punk scene...Jane's Addiction, young and restless, makes music that scrapes against the smooth surfaces of commercial pop.� Jane� (TM)s Addiction� (TM)s instantly-legendary catalog of albums would spawn a generational movement that would change the face of Rock n� (TM) Roll forever, giving way to the mainstream advent of alternative rock in the 1990s. Following up 1988� (TM)s � ~Nothing� (TM)s Shocking� (TM) with the album that revolutionized the aforementioned genre, � ~Ritual De Lo Habitual, � (TM) which Billboard Magazine hailed as � oeone of rock's all-time sprawling masterpieces� ]and one of alt-rock� (TM)s finest moments, � cemented the band� (TM)s status as the genre� (TM)s most iconic rock � ~n� (TM) roll band. Now, for the first time in the pages of � ~Jane� (TM)s Addiction: in the Studio, � (TM) fans are taken behind the scenes and quite literally in the studio for a V.I.P. access inside the writing and recording of such legendary classics as � ~Jane Says, � (TM) � ~Coming Down the Mountain� (TM), � ~Three Days, � (TM) � ~Been Caught Stealing, � (TM) � ~Stop, � (TM) and a host of others. Chronicled via exclusive interviews with lead producer Dave Jerden, engineer Ronnie S. Champagne, legendary Pink Floyd producer Bob Ezrin, as well as early players in discovering the band, including former Triple X Records A&R head Charlie Brown, and members of Perry Farrell� (TM)s first L.A. band PSI COM (where the sonic foundations of Jane� (TM)s experimental sound were first discovered/fine-tuned), this is by far the most definitive study of Jane� (TM)s Addiction� (TM)s legendary musical legacy.

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